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About Us

Holly, Ron, Kingsley, Pebbles and Grizz

Holly Montgomery and Ron Au are a husband and wife team with nearly 20 years of combined experience in the pet food industry! 

Holly is a Certified Professional Photographer at BrindleBerry Acres AND Co-Owner of both the Copperfield and Legacy Tail Blazers locations. She's also a certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. 

Ron hails from the oil and gas industry and is now the Co-Owner and Manager of the Legacy Tail Blazers. He's a certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist and Raw Food Nutrition Specialist with a special interest in pet supplements. 

Holly and Ron are ruled by three amazing dogs of their own that you'll frequently see in our posts! From left to right meet Kingsley, Pebbles and Grizz! 

Photo: Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography